We Need a NEW Building, Can You Help?

We need YOUR help...

Why We Need Your Help

We offer nursery and preschool children the chance to learn in a fun, creative and supportive environment. Unfortunately our current building is past its best and we need a new space to let the children grow, this space will cost £450,000.  We know this sounds an unreachable goal, however, with your support and contacts we know we can do!

This money would provide a new building for the children to learn and play in.  It would be more accessible for children with physical needs and also for our Toddlers who are still grasping the amazing feat of walking, climbing, stepping and much more.  It would enable us to expand our facilities; at the moment we are unable to make any changes or additions, no matter how small, but a new building, funded by you, and tailored to your children would allows us to be creative and hopefully more technological in a world of interactive screens and SMARTboards! 

To reach our target  we need you:- as much or as little as you are prepared to give..time, money, experience in early years education, building development, fundraising, grant applications or simply experience and enthusiasm for life and a valuable community resource.

Community minded?  Do you have a little bit of time or are looking to invest in your community?

Do you know of any organisations who want to help out in a high profile project?  An organisation which receives tax benefits from donating to a set charity?  Please let us know!

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Help us grow for the future!
We need to raise £450,000.

Head of Nursery: Sarah Clark,  Tel: 01789 731974,  Email: info@snitterfieldnursery.co.uk,  Facebook: www.facebook.com/snitterfieldnursery/ 

Snitterfield Nursery School opening hours: Term time, Mon - Fri 8.30am till 3.30pm

OFSTED Number EY450987, Company No. 07672389

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