We get up to lots of things at Snitterfield Nursery, from daily small and large group activities, to free play and forest school. We love going out and about on a welly walk. We also celebrate special events and festivals too. 

The Discovery table (exploration table). 

Each week this holds new and exciting objects to explore using the senses and resources such as magnifying glasses, Digiblue cameras, tweezers, mirrors...

These items may be chosen by children spontaneously or provided as stimulus for a theme or learning experience.

Our maths resource drawers. 

The children have free access to a variety of maths resources such as shape beanbags, jigsaws, counting and sorting toys, foot and handprints...  In addition, they can use a car or their finger to trace the numbers, or use the road to race their friend.  Who will come 1st? 2nd? 3rd? 

Head of Nursery: Sarah Clark,  Tel: 01789 731974,  Email:,  Facebook: 

Snitterfield Nursery School opening hours: Term time, Mon - Fri 8.30am till 3.30pm

OFSTED Number EY450987, Company No. 07672389

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